More and more studios around the world are using Subdivision modelling in the early concept phase. The interactivity and smooth continuity allows designers to rapidly iterate different concepts. The same data can be used by the engineers to study the feasibility and the modellers to prepare and mill full size clay models. The clay model gets refined further and the scan data is sent back to the modeling department.

Usually at this stage, the model gets refitted/rebuilt manually. Although the Subd Retopo tool allows rapid creation of subd models on scan data, the resulting subd does not conform to the scan. This is because the retopo tool snaps the vertices of the subd to the reference data, and not the limit surface.

The following workflow will automatically snap the subd surfaces to the scan data. It depends on using the dynamo/dynamo player.

Dynamo cannot read mesh data.

By default, Dynamo cannot read mesh data from Alias. A python script within the Dynamo defenition is used to parse vertices from an OBJ file.

Download the Dynamo definition.

  • Click here to download the definition, a sample wire file and the OBJ file.

Use the Dynamo definition in the dynamo player.

  • Open the Dynamo player in Alias and use the downloaded script.
  • Select the Subd surfaces.
  • Select the OBJ mesh file.

The Script in action

The original subd can be edited and the fitted subd will be automatically updated.





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