Pick by typing the names

Naming convention for geometry built within Alias is as follows. Similar names will be appened with #1, #2  ..etc. For example three planes constructed in Alias will have names plane, plane#1, plane#2.

*Note: Alias names cannot have any other characters than A-Z, a-z, 0-9, # and _


  • Sphere: sphere
  • Cube:cube -> faceA, faceB, faceC, faceD, faceE, faceF
  • Cylinder: cylinder -> cyl_body, capA, capB
  • Torus: Torus
  • Cone: cone -> cone_body, capA
  • Plane: plane

Other surfaces will have similar names as the method of creation. For example sqaure, rail_surf, extrude etc.

While in the pick mode, typing the name will pick that object. You can also specify wild-cards by typing *. For example, to pick all the fillets you can type fillet*.

Picking by arrow keys.

While in the pick mode, you can pick obects by arrow keys. Press "SHIFT" and any of the arrow keys will select the last object created. Once an obect at the topmost node level is selected, pressing left or right arrow keys along with shift key, will select the next object at the same node level. Pressing  down arrow key with shift will select the node just below the present node. For example there is just one cube in the scene. Pressing any arrow key with shift will select the whole cube, pressing the down arrow key with shift will select faceA. Pressing left or right arrow key with shift will select cyclically through faceA to faceF.

If the control points are switched on, you can pick the CVs by pressing SHIFT+down key till you reach the first CV. Once the CV is selected CTRL+arrow keys can cycle through all the CVs in U and V directions. This can be particularly useful while nudging CVs using arrow keys. We will talk about nudging CVs using arrow keys in a separate article.


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