Rhino to Alias
Rhino surface geometry is internally represented as B-rep objects. Rhino can export geometry in a wide variety of formats. In my experience the transfer of Rhino data to Alias is best done by using DWG format.

  • Ensure that the modeling tolerance is set to the same as in Alias.
  • In Rhino save as DWG format.
  • Choose 2004 Natural format.
  • Ensure that the output is set to Solids and Surfaces.
  • Open the file in Alias.


DWG options

The imported geometry is grouped under one node. The following are transferred.

  • Construction settings.
  • Layer names
  • Layer color
  • Model colors are transferred as shaders( The default color in Rhino is Black!)
  • Surfaces
  • Curves
  • Joined surfaces as Shells.

Alias to Rhino
The best way to transfer is through IGES. Layer symmetry also get transferred as real surfaces.

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