Rhinoceros® Plug-in to Import Autodesk® Alias® wire files.The following data sets are translated.

Alias Rhino
Surfaces Brep Nurbs Surface
Shells Exploded Brep Surfaces
Curves Nurbs Curves
Meshes Meshes
Point Cloud Point Set
Lights Render Lights
Shaders Materials
Layers Layers
Instances Geometry
Groups Groups



Rhino 5.0 x64 should be installed. An evaluation version can be obtained hereAlias 2016 x64 or above should be installed. An evaluation version can be obtained here.

Please ensure the following pre-requisites are met.


Double click the downloaded Installer.


Open the wire file by File -> Open and setting the Autodesk Alias wire file from the option.

Alternatively drag and drop Alias wire files to open them in Rhino.


The License Manger will automatically pop up when the plugin is invoked for the first time. A trial subscription for 10 days can be activated by clicking on the "Trial Subscription" button. Click on the "Buy Subscription" button for a one year subscription. The cost of subscription is USD 99. Internet Connection is required to enable trial subscription and to activate regular subscription. After buying the subscription, click on "Activate Subscription" to activate your subscription. The License Manager will automatically pop up 9 days before the end of subscription period



Please go to the download section.

Known Issues:

  • Limitation: Some trimmed periodic/closed surfaces may not get trimmed properly.
    • Work Around: Please detach such surfaces into two before or convert them to shells, using Surface Edit->Stitch function in Alias.
  • Limitation: Some complex multi-level instances may not transfer properly
    • Work Around: Please extract the instances using Edit > Expand Instance before the transfer in Alias.


Please let me know your feedback and suggestions.

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