ImportWireNode is a Grasshopper3d Plugin to import Autodesk Alias Wire files directly into Grasshopper.


  • Alias 2017 or newer version.
  • If Alias 2021 is installed, please upgrade it to 2021.3 or newer.
  • Rhino 6
  • Alias to Rhino Plugin or ImportAlias Plugin. ( if using with Alias to Rhino Plugin, the minimum supported version of Alias is 2021.3)


From within Grasshopper, open File -> Special Folders -> Components Folder.Copy the downloaded file into this folder. Restart Rhino. The newly installed Component will appear in a new Tab called Digital Sculptors.


Rhinoceros® Plugin to export Autodesk Alias® wire files

Rhino Alias
Surfaces NURBS Surfaces
Curves NURBS Curves
Points Space Points
Pointsets Point Clouds
Meshes Meshes
Layers with color Layers with color
Point Light Point Light
Directional Light Directional Light
Spot Light Spot Light
Rectangular Light Area Light
Linear Light Linear Light
Materials Shaders
Dimensions Locators
Blocks Actual geometry 


Rhinoceros® Plug-in to Import Autodesk® Alias® wire files.The following data sets are translated.

Alias Rhino
Surfaces Brep Nurbs Surface
Shells Exploded Brep Surfaces
Curves Nurbs Curves
Meshes Meshes
Point Cloud Point Set
Lights Render Lights
Shaders Materials
Layers Layers
Instances Geometry
Groups Groups