Blender Addon to fit sub division surface to reference data

System requirement

Blender version > 3.0, 

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX


 The add-on is a zip file. Do not unzip the file. Open Blender. Go to preferences, add-on. Click on Install and point to the zip file. Click the check mark to enable the addon.


A new side panel called Super Shrinkwrap is now enabled.


  • The first row shows the active object that is selected. If no object is active or and invalid object is selected, "Select object" is displayed.
  • The second field is for the reference object. You can use the eye dropper function to select the reference object.
  • Subd level controls the number of subdivisions. The default value is 2. It can be changed from 1 to 6.
  • The next field controls the number of iterations to run to get close to the required tolerance. The default value is 3. This can be changed between 1 and 10.
  • The third row shows the tolerance is millimeters for the deviation map. The default value is 2 mm.
  • The next row displays the tolerance achieved.
  • The button "Fit Subdiv" will fit the selected mesh with the subdivision modifier. It will add a subdivision modifier if not already applied.
  • Additionally a deviation map is displayed showing the deviation. Red color for positive and blue for negative deviation. The color green indicates areas within tolerance.
  • Reset Map button will delete the deviation map and reset the deviation to 0.0 mm



Version info

  • v 1.1
    • Enhancement: Ability to control the subdivision levels
    • Enhancement: Ability to undo changes.
  • v 1.0
    • Initial release


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