ImportAlias Addon for Blender converts NURBS data to meshes and imports it into Blender.

From Alias

To Blender.

System Requirements

  • Blender version newer than 3.0.0
  • Alias version 2023.1 or newer should be installed.


Install the downloaded addon using Edit->Preferences->Install and choos the downloaded ZIP file. Do not unzip the file prior to installation.


The menu is installed under File->Import

Import Options:

  • Meshes: Imports mesh data from Alias (default off)
  • Curvers: Import NURBS Curves as NURBS Curves (default off)
  • Subdivs: Imports Alias Subdiv data as susubdivision data (default on). Currently creases are not supported. If disabled, the subdiv data limit surface is converted to mesh and imported into Blender.
  • Tolerance: Controls the deviation between the NURBS and Meshes. The lesser the value, the finer the mesh (default = 0.01)


  • Currently creases for Alias sundivisions are not supported.


Downloads for older versions of Alias install are available. Please download the appropriate version.

Version History

v 1.0.0: Initial release.


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