Rotational scaling, as the name suggests, allows scaling of geometry around and axis. This can be very useful to generate geometry with circular patterns, such as fans, wheel rims etc. There is no direct way in Blender to scale a geometry around an axis. The following implementation was done using the new geometry nodes and would should work with Blender 3.0.1.


Blender 3.0.1

Rotational scale Geometry Node.


  • The above implementation assumes the scaling axis as X and the intial geometry lies in the +y +z quadrant.
  • The angle between the vertices and a Zvector is calculated. A scale factor is applied to it based on the ratio between the initial number of spokes to the final number of spokes.
  • Additional array modifier with final number of spokes needs to to be applied. With the upcoming Blender 3.1, the arrays can be implemented using geometry nodes.


Initial spoke.

Scaled to 5 spokes.

The modifier stack.


Click here to download the .blend file


GPL v3


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