Rotational scaling, as the name suggests, allows scaling of geometry around and axis. This can be very useful to generate geometry with circular patterns, such as fans, wheel rims etc. There is no direct way in Blender to scale a geometry around an axis. The following implementation was done using the new geometry nodes and would should work with Blender 3.0.1.



Draft check is a requirement for manufacturing processes that involves moulding, casting and Sheetmetal stamping. This implementation uses shader nodes to calculate the angle between the sub-division normals and the given direction.

  • Green Color: Positive Draft
  • Red Color: Negative Draft
  • Yellow Color: Areas between the positive and negative draft angle.


Iso Angle shader is a very useful tool for fine-tuning surface highlights. Iso Angles are simply bands/curves connecting the points on a surface, where the normal direction at those points make a constant angle to a defined vector. In automotive design, the Z vector (vertical direction) is usually taken as the reference, as it is perpendicular to the horizon plane. Alias and ICEM Surf users are quite familiar with such diagnostic shading tools and is an invaluable part of creating high quality surfaces.


The addon creates cross-section on selected objects.


Open the Edit-> Preferences ->Add-ons

Click on install button and point to the downloaded zip file.

The add-on is instaled under ObjectMenu > Create sections


Export IGES Addon for Blender creates subdivision limit surfaces and saves it as IGES file.


From Blender using the default options.