The second released candidate has been released today. Changes include much better brep calculations and other minor fixes.

Download the software



The plugin will expire on 16 Feb 2012.



A new version of the plugin was released on 24 Jan 2012. The following are the changes

  • Added support for Shells
  • Improved trimmed surface transfer
  • other minor bug fixes
The plugin will expire on 16 Feb 2012.

As a sequel to the Rhino to Alias Plugin, I am happy to announce the availability of Alias to Rhino plugin. The plugin is still under development. At present the following data sets are translated.

  • Surfaces as Brep
  • Curves as NURBS Curves
  • Meshes
  • Point Cloud as Point sets
  • Groups
  • Layers
  • Shaders as Render Materials
  • Various lights (point, spot, area, linear, directional
  • Instances as geometry

Prerequisites for 32 bit

Windows XP Pro sp3 and above, Alias 2012 32bit, VC++ 2010 x86 runtime libs

Prerequisites for 64 bit

Windows XP x64 sp2 and above, Alias 2012 64bit, VC++ 2010 x64 runtime libs




The plugin will expire on 27th Jan 2012. Please do let me know your comments and suggestions.