Please find the new release below. The following are the changes compared to the previous release.

  • This release will expire on 26 Oct 2011
  • New Feature
  1. CVs, Hulls and Edit Points are switched off for all imported geometry.
  2. Rhino Mesh translates to Alias Mesh. All quadrilateral rhino meshes are converted to Triangles.
  3. Rhino Direction light translates to Alias Directional Light
  4. Rhino Point light translates to Alias Point Light
  5. Rhino Spot light translates to Alias Spot light
  6. Rhino Rectangular Lights translates to Alias Area Light
  7. Rhino Linear Lights translates to Alias Linear Lights.
  • Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed some trim surface problems



Download the new release here, if you agree to the terms and conditions.*

You need VC++ 2010 run-time libraries. You can get it here.

Please comment on  bugs, wish list, performance etc.

* New version released on 4 Oct 2011. Please go to software page to download the latest version.