New version of Import CSV Plugins was released today. The following are the changes.

  • Added support for user options
  • Added support for different de-limters
  • Added support for units
  • Added support for Max Step size to automatically break the polyline during retrace
  • Improved Parser to read the CSV file.
The download location is in the software section. Please do let me know your comments and suggestions.

New update (v 1.0.2) of the plugin available now. The following are the changes

  • Bug fixes and documentation update
  • Added support for object visibility
  • Added support for template/locked objects
  • Added support for layer symmetry
  • Added support for reference/inactive layers

I am happy to announce the availability of following Autodesk Alias® plugins

  • Rhino to Alias: Import all versions of 3DM files.
  • Alias to Rhino: Export 3DM v4 files.
  • Import CSV: Import 3d point file in CSV format.

Please visit the software page for more details.