Rhinoceros® Plugin to export Autodesk Alias® wire files

Rhino Alias
Surfaces NURBS Surfaces
Curves NURBS Curves
Points Space Points
Pointsets Point Clouds
Meshes Meshes
Layers with color Layers with color
Point Light Point Light
Directional Light Directional Light
Spot Light Spot Light
Rectangular Light Area Light
Linear Light Linear Light
Materials Shaders
Dimensions Locators
Blocks Actual geometry



64bit: Rhino 5.0 x64 should be installed. An evaluation version can be obtained here. Autodesk Alias  x64 should be installed. An evaluation version can be obtained here.


Price of a single seat is $220.


The software will work in Evaluation mode for a period of 10 days. A license installer will automatically pop up after the evaluation period is over. You will receive a license file by email within 2 working days of purchase. Please install the license using the license installer


Please go to the download section. User registration is required to download the software.


Please specify the network mac id of your machine for which the license is required. The MAC id of your machine will be displayed on the license installer, which will automatically pop-up after the trial period.

Please specify network mac ID

Known Issues:

  • Limitations: Some trim edges might be distorted when exporting certain Rhino parametric geometry.
    • Work Around: Save the file in Rhino as v2 and reopen before exporting to Alias. The resulting files will not have the distortions when imported to Alias

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